Monday, 23 January 2012

[Info] 110618 Khun wore a Khuntorialurve gift today!

Unless he has TWO of these bracelets for some weird reason.
Due to the watermark, we can’t actually post up the picture on our blog, but if you want to check it out, it’s here:
The picture is of Khun on his way to Bangkok.

 Oh yeah. It’s the same.
YAY FOR KHUNTORIALURVE. Um, except Khun, that (the bracelet) was for Vic. Not for you.
This (the cufflinks) was for you:

This is one of the gifts Khuntorialurve gave Khuntoria for their 1st anniversary. Very similar, no? In fact, rather identical. ^^.or the rest of the gifts, check them out here!:
Note: This is the third time they’ve worn each others’ gifts. From Chinese fans, Khun and Vic received two sweatshirts - Vic wore Khun’s (a red one) instead, onto Shim Shim Tapa once (you could tell because 1) it was massive on her and 2) the grey one was for her). Later, from Chinese fans again, they got hats. Khun wore Vic’s hat. And now Khun wear’s the bracelet meant for Vic. LOL. Sharing is caring!

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