Friday, 27 January 2012

[Trans] Ray Magazine (March issue) (Nichkhun) Nichkhun Want To Be A Chief c

Q037, What kind of a person the people around you take you for?
Members say I am “perfect” and “angel” LOL But I am a human who makes mistakes and get angry, just like others do. However, I would say I am a perfectionist because I take care of the others all the time.

Q038, If there was a time machine, where and which era would you like to visit?
I would like to visit primitive age and see dinosaurs. When I was little, I liked an animation and there was a very kind dinosaur, called “long neck” in it. Since then, I like dinosaurs.

Q039, Are you a trend-conscious person?
Not really. I like California’s rough style, so Idon’t really catch on a trend.

Q040, What is your favorite food?
Everything! If you ask me what I want for the last meal in my life, I would say my mother’s Pho.

Q041, Any artists you admire?
My boss, J.Y.Park. He is such a smart and hardworking man. Not only as an artist; he is really cool and talented as a PD too.

Q042, Is there a Korean drama you’d like to recommend watching?
“Full house”. This drama played an important role in pushing me into this industry. My grandmother was a big fan of this drama, and she immediately sent me away because I got an offer from the agency which has Rain, who played the drama’s main character.

Q043, What kind of a job would you like to try out?
I’dlike to be a chief and make some Thai food, Italian food and Sushi. It’s like an art when they make dishes.

Q044, In your next life, what do you want to be?
Me, again.

Q045, Any tips on learning a new language?
I think the best way is to go to school. If you don’t have time, you should at least use the language frequently. Thinking in that language wouldalso help you a lot.

Q046, Junho is…?
He is an innocent and impatient boy. LOL It seems like he must get something he wants the moment he sees it. That’s why there are times when he regrets things he’s done rashly. But I think the ability to make decision immediately is his strong point.

Q047, Would you like to be a male or a female in your next life?
Male. I want to be a strong man who can protect a lady he’s deeply in love with.

Q048, You start your day with….?
A glass of water.

Q049, Is there anything you do before a concert?
Before we go up the stage, we make a circle and call out “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop 2PM” with the members and the staff.

Q050, What is it like in Korea in the middle of winter?
It gets minus 20 degrees. I like cold weather, but it’s just too cold… So I like Korea’s spring and fall

Q051, Other than wallet and a cell phone, what do you always take with you?Total vitamin tablet.

Q052, What is your favorite number?
It’s “8“ because its shape is the same as “∞”, the infinite.
cr. gladyzkhun Scan credit: Yooko_11 | Jpn-Eng: sakiHa @2pmalways | Edited by Egle @2pmalways

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  1. khun oppa~~ looks like you are inspired to vic unnie~~ who loves to cook .. hmmm.. khuntoria hwaiting! :)